Perpendicular Hard Drive Music Video

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OMG, it's School House Rock for hard drives!

I'm just a lonely little bit
And on my back I sit
Oh, how I long to be
Standing tall and feeling free
We need expanded membership
But that would make us flip
And meet an end that's too abrupt
Because our data's corrupt


We missed this last week, but if you can watch this with a straight face, full with the knowledge that it's produced by Hitachi, there might be something seriously wrong with you. Especially when the bits start singing "Get Perpendicular!" Either way, it's quite possibly the most accessible White Paper I've ever seen, and does a great job explaining pernpendicular data storage as a way to counteract the super-paramagnetic effect. IBM would have never done something this cool.

Get Perpendicular (Flash Movie) [HitachiGST via DAPreview]
Perpendicular Bits First Discussed [Gizmodo]

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