Pet Check: Stalk Your Dog and Dog Walker with GPS

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If you've signed your pooch up for a dog walking service and you have suspicions that your dog walker is isn't fulfilling the "walking" portion of their job description, Pet Check Technology has a solution that doesn't involve implanting a microchip or buying an expensive collar for your furry best friend.


The service utilizes QR codes and the dog walkers iOS or Android phone. Your dog walker scans the unique QR code for your dog, starts a walk, and the Pet Check Technology app shares the walk in real time with rover's owners utilizing the mobile device's GPS.

You'll feel better knowing your dog is getting the necessary daily allowance of walking around and sniffing of other dogs' butts. [Pet Check Technology via CNET]


Problem is this only shows the path of the dog walker at some point. I mean they could do lots of things to cheat the system, if they deem it worth it.

A tamper proof collar with GPS is the only way to truly check (aside from cameras).

If you are that worried about this enough to consider all this it might behoove you to take a day off and act as your own private eye!