Meet Fluffy McNutcase, Gizmodo's resident stunt dog. She's quite a bitch (as Max from Hart To Hart used to say—in fact, she used to date Freeway way back when) and can be relied to test all of Gizmodo's pet-related gadgets. Here she is, modeling this summer's fashion-forward blue and green pet life vest, which costs between $22 and $35 and is a must for all yacht-bound, spoiled-rotten, Tricky-Woo pets this summer.

It's Velcro-fastening for easy access and has a couple of handles on the top for you to lift Tricky-Woo to safety should she fall in while trying to flirt outrageously with the captain. We did shoot a video, complete with John Williams incidental music, but unfortunately we can't show it to you. Fluffy refused to sign the release form, as she said the jacket made her butt look too big and couldn't we find a tail double and why wasn't her food served to her in bone china and... well, we're ashamed to say we took the Pet Life Vest off her, showed her some footage of Michael Phelps in action and threw her in.


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