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Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who Pose Game Is Mighty Strong

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Spider-Man, Time Lord, or Doctor Strange enthusiast? You decide.

The BBC has been tweeting out publicity pictures of Peter Capaldi swishing about with his fancy new sonic screwdriver—something he sadly won’t get to do for a while, given we aren’t seeing any more Doctor Who until Christmas 2016. But for a man already known for his loving homages to Jon Pertwee’s equally delightful characterizations as the Third Doctor, his pose game is kind of getting ridiculous.

I mean, this is Jon Pertwee as hell, but you can also practically hear Capaldi saying “Twhip!” under his breath.


I kind of half expect the next photoshoot to abruptly end when he Pertwee-poses so hard he somehow manages to strain every muscle in his body, contorted into shapes no human (or human posing as a Time Lord) should ever be in. I mean, it’ll be that or he’ll poke someone’s eye out with all the pointing:


You can’t deny it. The man knows how to pose.

Image credits: via the BBC, Katy Manning on Twitter, and Paul Stuart for the Sunday Times.