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Phantom Phone Vibrations Afflicting BlackBerry Addicts, Giz Crew

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hey look, a tech trend piece with some truth to it! The AP's got a story about people with cellphones and BlackBerries practically soldered to their hip feeling that you've-got-a-call quaking when it's not ringing or even in their pocket, like when they're bathing. Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams offered up the best quote on the sort-of phenomenon, saying, "So far, the only good news is that my pocket is vibrating, and that's OK because it gives me hope that the condition might spread to the rest of my pants." An informal poll of 10 Giz crew members showed at least five of us feeling the faux buzz, with Chen affirming that it has indeed spread to the rest of his pants. What about you guys? [Yahoo!/AP]