Last week Hasselblad was holding down the largest-sensor-available title with its 50MP H3DII-50, but now Phase One's P65+ digital back matches the size of a standard piece of 645 film at 40.4 X 54.9mm-a first for digital sensors-for a final resolution of 65 megapixels. But if you're guessing it'll cost you, you guessed right.


One place where film photography still has an edge over digital is in medium- and large-format cameras-until today, the largest sensor available still didn't match the size of the smallest medium-format film available. Medium format is used by a lot of pros for its increased dynamic range, depth of field control, and of course, resolution, and as a result, the P65+ carries a pros-only price of $39,990. And that doesn't even include the whole camera, just the back. Me? I'm still waiting for the full 6x6 cm sensor to match my rusty old Mamiya. [via Luminous Landscape]

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