Philips has been cranking out LCD Ambilights for a few years, upgrading the line in relative moderation. But their new Aurea televisions (a prototype pictured here) are a more aggressive take on ambient television lighting. Fully LED back-lit, the Aureas will actually glow through the case border, creating a dynamic frame effect.


To minimize visible speaker components, the Aurea uses 26 tiny drivers as opposed to larger speakers. Offering 1080p resolution with 8000:1 dynamic contrast and increased refresh rates, the 42" 42PFL9900D will cost a pants-dropping $6895 when it's released in September. And while our source for the story calls the image good, it's not the best they've seen.

So yes, you will be paying a premium for glowy LEDs, but that's not news to anyone, right? The Aurea will be on display at IFA later this month, so we'll give you full impressions then.

[tuexperto via technabob]

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