Philips' CushionSpeaker Doubles as an Incredibly Comfortable Pillow

Thanks to Philips' CushionSpeaker, I'm well-rested despite getting a mere three hours of sleep. That's because the lapdesk not only has a built in speaker, but happens to double as the best pillow I've slept on since arriving at CES.

Philips intended to make the CushionSpeaker more comfortable than some other lapdesks by adding a soft, cushion-like bottom to caress your lap, but what they really did is create an almost ergonomic pillow. All you have to do is flip the accessory upside down and you're ready for a nap.


That unintended purpose aside, the CushionSpeaker does in fact make a good lapdesk and a decent speaker. I have been using it for a good portion of the day in Gizmodo's improvised pressroom and I've no complaints. Except that Frucci briefly kidnapped it for some sleepy time. [Phillips]

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