Philips To Make Media Bridge Device

In hopes to help bridge PC-based multimedia content to other digital devices, Philips has come up with a design for a Digital Media Adapter (DMA) which it plans on selling on its own as well as to other companies through OEM deals. The device can attach to a TV or audio system and through a wired or wireless network and is about the size of a paperback book.

The DMA will network through a 802.11g or the upcoming 802.11n or Ethernet cable and should cost below $150 on its own. Philips is working on this device with Mediabolic and hopes it will add very little extra cost to any product it may be integrated with.


Slick idea, but hardly new. It'll sink or swim depending on the openness of the platform, which knowing Philips could go either way.

Philips Develops Media Bridge Device [TWICE]

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