Phoenix 1000: Submerge Yourself in Luxury

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As the superrich try ever harder to impress each other, submarines are the next frontier, and personal luxury subs are all the rage right now, where the undersea boats are approaching the size of cruise ships with all the amenities you could imagine.


For example, U.S. Submarines offers the Phoenix 1000, a 213-foot personal luxury submarine that was originally custom-built for a client but is now for sale at an undisclosed price. There's 5000 feet of living space, with huge viewports on the side. It's capable of transoceanic crossings, and when the weather gets rough, the boat can submerge into a perfectly smooth and quiet environment. Take a look at the company's site, where there's a variety of submarines from which to choose. Wow.

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Here's a quick comparison between the ultimate luxury sub from US Submarines and the ultimate US submarine in military service; they are both truly worthy Gizmos in their own class.

The Phoenix 1000 takes three years to construct. It is 65 meters long, has a range of 4000 nautical miles and a maximum depth of about 1000 feet. Phoenix requires a minimum3 man crew and its batteries can submerge for about 400 hours significantly dependent upon the submerged cruising speed. At the maximum submerged speed of 10 nm, fully charged endurance is 6 hours. At rest batteries can run for 20 days or more. Surface power is provided by two1500 hp turbo diesels and two 500 hp electric motors clutched to the transmissions provide submerged propulsion for Phoenix's 1500 tons, as well as recharge the batteries during diesel operation. Important safety measures include an extra 10 days of oxygen on top of the basic life support of 30 days. There is emergency battery power and up to 1 million pounds for ballast for use in the most severe of cases. It is a highly complex system but does not require a license to operate. In US Waters a submarine which carries passengers for hire must abide by US Coast Guard manning regulations and the Captain must have a Coast Guard Master's License for Equivalent Tonnage. I definitely agree with maciuxpunk81 concerning safe navigation and Incident Management beyond the norm. I hear so far only one unit has been delivered.

The state-of-military-technology is the new USS Virginia Class Attack Sub, 377 ft long, can stay submerged for weeks, has an unlimited range and holds a 134 man crew. It is a multi-mission stealth platform with reconfigurable spaces to accommodate for post cold war covert ops, recon and surveillance, Anti-Sub and Anti Surface ship, Special Forces delivery, Precision Warfare and Support of Joint Forces. Its total weight is 7800 tons. While speed and depth are highly classified the power plant can generate an estimated 40,000 horsepower per shaft to provide 34 knots and the hull can sustain depths of at least 1600 feet. New advanced ultra high frequency communications allows full radio contact even when submerged anywhere in the world. Cost is over $2.2 billion, depending on the number of subs produced, but at this cost the US Navy can afford 1 per year. The fuel is good for the life of the sub which is around 30 years so its non-stop operational as far as the power plant is concerned. The Virginia Class is a Special Operations Delivery vehicle meaning it includes a single Advanced Seal Team Delivery Vehicle which in itself costs around $250-300 million. So far only one of six ASDS units has been delivered due to unsatisfactory results with acoustic signature and energy storage.