Phoenix Gives You a Drone Tour of Versailles in Their New Video

No trip to France is complete without seeing the grand gardens and spectacular palace at Versailles, the place that epitomizes the excess of 18th century France. Who better to lead the tour than everybody's favorite 21st century French band, Phoenix. Plus also too, drones.

Phoenix's "Entertainment" is the latest Take Away Show produced by La Blogotheque. This French music blog has become famous for following famous bands around Paris with a handheld camera as they sing songs in the street. But La Blogotheque is employing a new tack with the Phoenix video, taking to the air with a drone to capture not only the band but also the sprawling grounds at Versailles. While it's not their most famous song, "Entertainment" provides a lighthearted soundtrack to the tour with a cool electro-rock underpinning that's straight out of Marie Antoinette. The end result? C'est magnifique. [Fubiz]

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Drone tourism and drone based sport and event viewing will become a big thing. Imagine renting a drone from in front of your computer or TV to pilot around a football game, or a concert, or perhaps a natural wonder halfway across the world. I would personally love to become more involved with this, but there are a lot of technological and legal hurdles to navigate, so we'll have to wait and see.