Phonograph Concept Treats Your CDs Like Vinyl

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Designed by Yong Jieyu, the Phonograph CD Player has the looks of an old-school record player, but plays CDs instead. It's essentially a gutted CD player with a laser pointer that doubles as a tone arm. I'm a pretty big vinyl fan, and while something like this wouldn't get me to ditch my records, it'd at least get me interested in my old CD collection.


Product Page [Yanko Design]


Yeah, Hobby Link Japan ( used to sell those kits. It essentially was a memo recorder. You could use anything from a disc cut from a plastic ice cream tub lid, to old CD's. so long as it was plastic and not too thin.. You could talk into it, then use the same device to play back the message.

They also made a drum version, that used the flat section of plastic water dispenser cups as the recording media..