Photographer Caught Stunning Meteor Instead of Spooky Asteroid

Hungarian photographer Péter Komka wanted to capture the Halloween asteroid that looked like a skull, as it made its closest approach to Earth. What he got instead was a striking image of a meteor streaking across the sky.

Komka set up his camera gear on an equatorial mounted tripod near the medieval castle of Salgó, and took several long exposure shot of the night sky, hoping to get some good enough image of the 2015 TB145 asteroid. Sadly the spooky space rock was too faint and did not appear in his photos. But what he finally captured in one photo was even better.


Komka captured the long trail of a bolide, an extremely bright meteor that entered the atmosphere and exploded somewhere over Poland, and was observed by lot of people in Europe:

Here is the full, uncropped photo

Photo: Péter Komka/MTI



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