Photographers Are Shooting The Moon With This Camera's Insane Zoom

Trust us, you really don’t need a camera with a built-in telescope. But in the right hands, the insane 83x optical zoom on the new Nikon P900 is mindblowing.

Let’s take a look at a few examples, shall we?

The Moon

When was the last time you took a trip to space just by looking through a lens—and could record it for posterity?


Neighborhood Watch

Except the entire town is your neighborhood. Yep, we showed you this one last week.

Mountain Climbing

Without ever leaving the ground. (Though to be fair, this South Korean gent seems to be doing a lot of actual climbing, too.)



What kind of bird do we have here?


Think he’s zoomed in? There’s more zoom where that came from. And more. And more. And even a bit more.


Castles In The Sky

Would you have even noticed it with your naked eye?

Spying on Skyscrapers in Japan

Yes, those are people in those windows.

How Far Is Too Far?

This videographer took the trouble of measuring the distance to these snowy peaks. Or would it be “those” peaks? With this lens, it’s hard to tell the difference.


Again, this probably isn’t the best camera for capturing shots at your kid’s soccer game, or most anywhere else really. Even in some of the best-stabilized videos here, you can see that these pictures aren’t particularly clear and sharp. But if you’d rather have a telescope that records 1080p rather than just a camera for day-to-day use, the Nikon P900 sounds pretty awesome.

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With impressive zoom, comes tiny image sensors and poor optics. The photos are nice, but nothing more. Put it in low light and it’s donezo compared to anything else in the price range. Neat camera for people who want the crazy zoom, but for anyone desiring quality images beyond facebook, look elsewhere.