Photojournalism Goes Down a New Path With the Vía PanAm App

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Trekking from Chile to Alaska, the photojournalist Kadir van Lohuizen chose the perfect tool for informing fans of his work—a $4 iPad app, Vía PanAm. Everything he sees is being documented as blog posts, videos or, naturally photos.


Having launched an app with the promise of frequent updates, he's bound by the rigid schedule of editing photos and uploading thoughts instantly—all in the same quality people would normally expect of the Dutch photojournalist. When yesteryears' journeys would've been tracked in the monthly National Geographic, it's interesting to see photojournalists such as van Lohuizen take matters into their own hands, becoming masters of their own work. The app costs $4, and is available on iPad now. [iTunes via NY Times]


I hope this works out for him - it's a great idea. Proper journalism is in trouble as most people, used to 15 years of free internet news, can't bear the thought of paying for it.

I'm not convinced the pay wall plan being attempted in Britain and the US is going to work out. Although I admit I haven't seen any recent subscription statistics...

But decent, truly international coverage costs money, training costs money, and recruiting talented people costs money. Advertising, on or offline, simply isn't providing it.

Apps like this and The Atavist offer an interesting new way of directly investing in quality reportage.

I just hope people remember that not every journalist is a phone-hacking scumbag. Just tiny minority.