Photolettering Adds Beautifully Designed Text To Your iPhone Pics

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Dollars to donuts, you're going to love Photolettering, a new app that lets you overlay your photos with beautiful typeface.

What makes it so good? Photolettering doesn't come from just some developer who thought people might want to pop words on their pictures. It was thoughtfully made by House Industries, a company that's been creating its own unique typefaces since 1993. The app is free and it comes with three typefaces—Plinc Swiss, Bubble Gum, and House Slant—on the house. There are 20 more you can buy for $1 each or $10 for the whole set.

Sure, there are plenty of apps like this that exist. But the difference is the others are sort of tacky, and they lack in fonts you actually like. Photolettering's interface is intuitive in that it requires no instruction whatsoever. Start with your lettering in the font and color of your choice, snap a picture or select one from your camera roll, and tweak and scale using familiar finger gestures. Finally, slap on a filter if you choose, and save it to your camera roll. It's lovely, and so wonderful to use that it might be your new favorite app. [App Store via Wired]

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