Photoshop Contest: Make All the Things Out of Apple's Horrible 5C Case

For the most part, the one thing the internet has been able to agree on this week is that Apple's new iPhone 5C case is an affront to the eyes and all that is decent. But for whatever reason, Apple wants you to stick it on your phone! Fine, your iPhone's inconspicuous enough, but what if we applied Apple's fun new discount covering to some of the other items we use in our daily lives?

Cheese grater wallpaper? Cheese grater cabinets? Cheese grater cufflinks? The possibilities are endless and in only the loudest of colors. Our own Nick Stango took a stab at it above, so now it's your turn. Let's see what you can up with.


Entries can be submitted until the end of the day next Tuesday, September 17, and godspeed.

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