Photoshop CS 4 Might Hit in October With GPU Acceleration After All

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Over the holiday weekend (yep, I was slaving over a keyboard, not a grill, just for you) it came out via TGDaily that the next version of Photoshop would rock general-purpose GPU acceleration for serious performance gains and come out in October. Adobe's John Nack said it was hooey. TGDaily responds today that during the tech demo, "Nack was running an alpha version of Stonehenge, which is, according to Nack, the code-name of the next-generation Photoshop." The natural assumption is the features will stick around in the final version.

While Nack also disputed the CS4 moniker, he has in fact previously referred to Photoshop CS4 in the press. On the October date, while TGDaily has nothing hard to back them up (they're asking for a video of the demo to be released) they say they've got October written in their notes not once, but twice. We're going to give TGDaily the benefit of the doubt here, and think that Adobe just spilled a little bit more out than they intended to. [TGDaily]

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