PhotoTrackr Mini DLP900 Adds Geotagging to Any Camera

The Eye-Fi Geo can add Geotagging to most any camera through an SD card, but what about systems that use CompactFlash? For these instances, the PhotoTrackr Mini is probably your best bet.


The PhotoTrackr mini is promised to be smaller and faster than the original PhotoTrackr. For those not familiar with the system, it's basically a USB stick loaded with a GPS. You sync it to your camera's time (through bundled software), and then just carry it with you on photo shoots. The end result is a timed list of locations that can sync with your photos on your computer.

As for the mini itself, other improvements include RAW file and Mac support, meaning that the formerly good idea has become practical to about 90% of people out there who might consider actually adopting it. The PhotoTrackr mini costs $70 and is available now. [Phototrackr via SlashGear]

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