The PhotoViolationMeter on trial in cities including Niagara Falls and Vancouver will call you on your cellphone before your time runs out. Developed by Photo Violation Technologies, the fancy parking meter will not only give you a ring, but will also allow for you to buy meter time wirelessly after it gets your credit card info. Failing that, just pay your fine right at the meter.

That's a lot for a humble parking meter but Photo Violation Technologies decided the list of features shouldn't stop there. The PhotoViolationMeter is equipped with a sensor that allows it to detect a car parking or pulling away. If you try to speed off without settling up, the meter won't fret. It'll just snap your plates and get back to you.


On top of all of that, the meter also allows old-fashioned coin payment, automatic payments when time is running out, is solar-powered, has the ability to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot and communicates with both towing and Photo Violation Technologies' offices when a car needs to be hauled off or the meter needs repair.

As old-fashioned parking meters are such a hassle, it's nice to see they are finally joining us in these modern times.

Also: If you want to see the meter in action, click on the "news" tab at Photo Violation Technologies' website. It's eight minutes long and interesting in a sleepy corporate way.


Product page [Photo Violation Technologies via OhGizmo!]