Picard Versus Kirk, Who Would Win In A Fight? Trekkers Decide

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This weekend, fans flocked to San Francisco to see Sir Patrick Stewart, William Shatner and a gorgeous array of Trek pageantry. But more importantly crowds answered the age-old, all-important question: who would win in a fight between Kirk and Picard?

After the big Picard and Kirk panel this weekend at the SF Star Trek Convention, the audience was polled on three imperative questions: who would win in a fight, who would make a better US president, and who would be the better kisser?

According to SF Weekly the answer to the big fight question was:

Captain Kirk won the votes here, even though some attributed their votes to Patrick Stewart's admission during the Q&A that he had stopped eating red meat. "Kirk is just a baddass," said one fan, explaining her vote.


As for the other two, Picard won the Presidential nomination by a landslide and Captain Kirk won best kisser. Check SF Weekly for fan reactions.

We also have a collection of some of the amazing pictures taken at the event. Photos by Joseph Schell who shot for SF Weekly and Todd "Telstar Logistics" Lappin. (Check out Lappin's fantastic flickr stream.)