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Pictionaire Touchscreen Table Instantly Makes Digital Copies of Physical Objects

Developed by Microsoft and University of California Berkeley, the Pictionaire table uses overhead cameras to make digitize physical objects, allowing you to manipulate real stuff with all the intuitive, touchy-feely goodness you've come to expect of touchscreen tables.

The table, an adapted version of Microsoft Surface, is nearly six feet long and designed to bring collaboration to touchscreen tables, just like Pictionary brought collaboration to drawing, I guess?


Regardless of the silly name, the concept is pretty cool. A DSLR hanging overhead recognizes objects placed on the table by their size and shape. It then photographs that object and feeds the digital copy onto the table, where it can be resized, sorted and spun around intuitively with your fingers.

Pictionaire still looks a little rough around the edges, but by rolling the ability to scan and copy physical objects into touchscreen tables, it brings Microsoft Surface technology in touch with the real world. [New Scientist via Slash Gear]

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It would be my sole art desk. I would sit at it and sketch until my wrist deteriorated. The fact that it can quickly scan and resize means that I could draw a comic frame by frame, and quickly drop each picture into a set frame on a digital page (software permitting)