Pilots Get iPads but Flight Attendants Get Galaxy Notes

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American Airlines has been making the move to digital by giving their pilots iPads instead of paper heavy manuals, and the upgrading doesn't stop there. American Airlines wants their flight attendants outfitted with tech, but they won't be handing out more full-size tablets. They're going with the Galaxy Note.


The Note was chosen after a pilot program (heh) in which attendants stated a preference for the Samsung phablet because it has a fairly large display, but can still be held in one hand, and unlike a tablet, it can be slipped into a pocket. Like the pilots, the flight attendants will also have some manuals replaced by the device. It's also worth mentioning that, while technically a phone, as far as American Airlines is concerned,the Notes are just very small tablets, and they make no mention of the whole cellular thing, only the Wi-Fi capabilities.


The airline is set to deploy 17,000 of the devices through mid-2013 and reach 91 percent "Wi-Fi readiness" by the end of the year. [American Airlines via Computer World]

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they only forgot about one single problem. Android. There's no way the battery is lasting a 10 hour trip on each device.