Pigs officially fly today: Plasma king Pioneer has announced their LCD lineup for Europe, and yep, they're getting the coveted Kuro distinction (equivalent to a "best TV on earth" badge) as is the already released KRF-9000FD LCOS projector. The 1080p LCD sets are on the smaller side (leaving big boy TVs to plasma) in 32, 37 and 46-inch sizes, with a 100hz frame mode and a "specially tuned" picture quality. But do they live up to Kuro? UPDATE: Apparently not, since the Pioneer US gang will not be announcing any LCDs at this time, though it will soon reveal what we assume will be gen-2 Kuro plasma for the US. Pioneer declined to comment on the projector, so it still may come here with the Kuro brand.


The 1080p projector is for screens starting at 60 inches, and Pioneer promises that it's "in line with the KURO benchmark of deep black levels and rich colours, resulting in the unmistakable look of film." We hope so, given the assurances that Pioneer's restructuring wouldn't lead to the death of a great brand.

KURO Front Projector for large size screens

Developed specifically for cinephiles with a dedicated home cinema room, the KURO projector is configured for screen sizes starting from 60 inches. Aside from displaying signature KURO style cosmetics, it supports advanced calibration and is in line with the KURO benchmark of deep black levels and rich colours, resulting in the unmistakable look of film. It incorporates LCOS 1080p technology, producing the highest native contrast ratio. Based on 3 x 0.7 inch D-ILA, it boasts a wide lens shift capacity and dual HDMI 1.3 support.

KURO LCD TVs for smaller screen sizes
The KURO LCD TV range is 'HD ready 1080p' compliant with 100Hz frame mode, offering an unmatched fast moving picture performance. What is more, the LCD TVs feature an anti-reflective filter, triple HDMI 1.3 support and a specially tuned, high-standard picture quality. This latest Pioneer product is available in three sizes: 32 inch, 37 inch and 46 inch and differentiates itself from KURO plasma TVs in terms of design with an attractive 'aluminum look' finish.

The KURO Front Projector will be in the shops as of April this year. The KURO LCD TVs are available in three sizes of which the 32-inch and 37-inch TVs will be on sale as of August, the 46 inch model will be launched later this year.