Pioneer Rings in "Cheap" 5X Blu-ray Drive for Your Desktop

Illustration for article titled Pioneer Rings in "Cheap" 5X Blu-ray Drive for Your Desktop

Looking for a way to get Blu-ray on your PC? Pioneer is making it a little bit easier with their BDC-2202 Blu-ray drive (that's the older model in the pic above). The $299 drive will read BD-ROM, BD-R, and BD-RE discs at speeds of up to 5x while also reading BD-ROM (DL) and BD-R/RE (DL) discs at 2x speeds.

Mac fans can fall back on this drive (which is pricier) or if you wanna swing both ways, there's always the LG option. Just remember—if you're getting it to watch Blu-ray movies on your PC you gotta have the right video card and monitor set up (HDCP friendly), so you may be better off just getting a standalone player.


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Yeah, that's the first thing I noticed. All those are READ SPEEDS, NOT WRITE!

I guess this would be good if you had an amazing computer and were ripping (or copying ISO images from) bluRay disks. But until there's software/game disks for computers on bluRay disks, there's no *legal* benefit to a fast bluRay or HDDVD read speed. I'm sad this isn't a burner :( .

... of course, I'm not buying any optical drive over $50 now that I've witnessed how quickly DVD-burner prices dropped. What were they — close to $300 5 years ago for a drive that could burn at 4x, could deal with either + *OR* -, and couldn't do dual-layer burning...and since about 2 years ago, they've been about $30 for a top of the line drive that can burn at 16x and deal with +, -, and DL.