FastMac Upgrades Your Mac with Blu-ray Drive

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Wanna give your Mac a high-def kick in the nads? FastMac's new Blu-ray optical drive lets you load up your spankin' new iMac or MacBook Pro with a slot-loading Blu-ray drive that'll give you 1x BD-RW speeds and support for 50GB Blu-ray discs. Unfortunately, because it's a slot-loading drive, there's no Mac Pro support (although the drive will work with iBooks, Mac minis, and PowerBooks). It's out now for $800, which is a lot of loot, so you may wanna consider getting an external HDD if all you're after is a storage solution.


Product Page [via MacMinute]


You can't really tell the difference between 1080p and 720p on a laptop size screen to be honest. at that high a resolution yuo wont really be able to make out individual pixels because its a very high density for the size and so it comes down to being able to see more significant areas of detail in a screen under 40". SImply put, the added areas of detail are two small for us to really percieve them at that size. HD looks great in any format and to get it on a laptop would be killer.

I would buy it for my iMac but I can't help but feeling that the price is going to go down signifcantly in the next few years and there aren't enough titles released on the format to make it worthwhile. Especially since this would cripple burnspeeds compared to a superdrive. And by then maybe I would get the much improved cheaper version of this.