Pizza for Dummies: Presto Pizzaz Doesn't Defy the Laws of Physics

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Unless the laws of physics have changed since the last time we checked, the Presto Pizzaz Electric Pizza Oven has got to be the dumbest idea for a kitchen appliance we've seen in a long, long time. This $35 goof rotates a pizza underneath its heating element, and then there's a heating element in the base as well. It's just stupid.

Since heat rises, that heating element underneath the pizza cooker's top section will lose a lot of its heat, and most of the heat coming from the bottom heating element will also be dissipated to the surrounding air. With summer coming up, this is a really dumb way to heat up your kitchen and make everyone miserable. Plus, that pizza sitting on there in the graphic above looks like somebody threw up on it.

Have an oven? You could just use that. Certainly this is a gadget for fools; might as well just set fire to a pile of U.S. currency.


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Actually you want the bottom to be hotter. You want the crust to cook quickly without burning the cheese (as quick as possible actually - the best Pizza parlors in NYC cook their Pizzas at over 800F for less than 2 minutes). This is why people use baking stones.