Pizza is the most popular emoji on Venmo

Venmo is a great way to ditch your wallet or buy drugs with your smartphone. Part of the fun is the simple fact that the app’s social networking features allows you to publicly shame your friends spending habits with emoji. The most popular emoji used on Venmo, by the way, is pizza—by a landslide.

There’s no shame in pizza! Quartz recently analyzed a few trends in emoji use on Venmo. As you may have expected, the majority of activity comes from people paying their friends for delicious snacks (like pizza) and delicious booze (like wine and beer). Pizza is the most popular emoji with 17,470 of the nearly 450,000 emoji analyzed. Wine and the clinking-beer-mugs emoji came in second and third with 12,454 and 11,590, respectively. From there, it’s honestly a bunch of other party-oriented emoji like that weirdly brown tropical cocktail emoji. The sake bottle and cup emoji did not make the list.


This is more or less what you’d expect if you’ve ever used emoji for pizza-filled fun. More surprising, however, is this red herring: “The ‘pile of poop’ emoji only holds the top spot in the midnight hour because a single payment used it 1,116 times.” That’s a lot of piles of poop.


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