Plane Crashes On Busy New Jersey Highway (Video)

This video shows the aftermath of the plane crash that has just occurred on New Jersey's Interstate 287, near exit 35 in Morris Township. At least five people have been killed, several news outlets report.

Sadly, five victims have been confirmed already: two adults and three children. A dog was also killed in the crash, which witnesses described as "carnage". Drivers tried to help the passengers but there was nothing that they could do. According to one: "They were literally just pulled apart. It was just horrible."

Apparently no car was affected by the accident. It seems miraculous, as the wreckage of the single-engine private plane—a Socata TBM-700—extends over a half-mile-wide area. A wing seems to be on one of the highway entrance ramps. Traffic has been halted in both directions by the police.


Witness Shona Sternberg of Hillsborough saw the crash about three cars behind from the crash. She told local media that "something was breaking of the plane as it was coming down. It was coming down fast. It looked like the right wing was breaking off."

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Talking to NPR, Chris Covello of Rockaway Township, said "it was like the plane was doing tricks or something, twirling and flipping. It started going straight down. I thought any second they were going to pull up. But then the wing came off and they went straight down." [, NPR, Associated Press,]

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Am I the only one who's desensitized to small single engine plane crashes?

It seems like a very risky personal hobby that takes a large number of lives yearly, from all accounts on the news.