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The Definitive Ranking of the Revolving 'Planet of the Bass' Vocalists

"Planet of the Bass" is a late entrant in the race for song of the summer, but the track's rotating cast of vocalists is keeping the internet talking.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
(L-R) Audrey Trullinger, Maria Olney, and Sabrina Brier portray Biljana Electronica in the music videos for “Planet of the Bass”
(L-R) Audrey Trullinger, Maria Olney, and Sabrina Brier portray Biljana Electronica in the music videos for “Planet of the Bass”
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The race for song of the summer is seeing a dark horse candidate overtake what we thought were frontrunners. The latecomer is a Eurodance banger called “Planet of the Bass” from memer and pop genius DJ Crazy Times with vocals from elusive chanteuse Biljana Electronica.

It’s not a real song, surprise surprise. The track is actually a big internet gag from the likes of comedian and content creator Kyle Gordon, whose first entry in the saga was posted on July 28 and has since racked up 7 million views on TikTok. Internet users were floored by the nonsense translated lyrics, the thumping bass, and Y2K-inspired costumes of both DJ Crazy Times and Biljana Electronica. However, it was when Gordon went on to post two more music videos for the song that all hell broke loose.


Gordon posted the second music video for “Planet of the Bass” on August 3, but Biljana Electronica was no longer Biljana Electronica. Actor Audrey Trullinger, who played the vocalist in the first music video, was sidelined in favor of health influencer Mara Olney, and the internet went berserk over the recasting. The swap is apparently a nod to Eurodance groups of the early 2000's swapping out vocalists willy nilly, however, Gordon did the unthinkable and replaced Biljana Electronica a third time in a video uploaded this morning. The newest incarnation of the singer is played by TikToker Sabrina Brier.

In a matter of a week, Gordon was catapulted from phone screens all the way to The New York Times for the coordinated stunt. As three Biljana Electronica’s have come and gone—and god willing no more take a turn—but the vocals have remained the same, the internet has come to express its collective opinions on which portrayal of the European pop star is superior.


The Worst: Biljana Electronica

Mara Olney’s Biljana had massive shoes to fill after the viral success of Gordon’s initial video after it caught digital fire. In a way, Olney succeeding the title of Biljana shot her in the foot as the internet’s infatuation with “Planet of the Bass” made it inevitable that she would be compared to Trullinger.

“The rhythm is glad and Im the most hated girl on the internet rn,” Olney wrote on TikTok.

That said, there is something missing in Olney’s performance. It’s arguably the most subdued embodiment of the track, with Olney opting for a more mysterious and sensual portrayal of Biljana. But therein lies the issue: An update parody track full of energy needs an upbeat parody vocalist full of energy. Olney’s performance, while committed, leaves something to be desired.


The Okayest: Biljana Electronica

Sabrina Brier rose to prominence on TikTok with her skits depicting the likes of “That friend who puts you in a bad position” and “That friend who is easily offended,” which have gone viral a dozen times over. As evidenced by her portfolio of social media videos, Brier’s acting chops display a range that heavy-hitters like Nicole Kidman and Toni Collette could only dream of.


With those laurels, you might think that Brier would be the best choice to take the crown of best Biljana, but that is simply not the case. Brier’s performance seeks to anchor Gordon’s high-energy dance moves and ad-libs. While magnetic, Brier’s lip syncing on the track is just too avant garde and quirky.

The Wild Card: Biljana Electronica’s voice

Would you be surprised to find out that Biljana Electronica’s singing voice belongs to neither Olney, Brier, nor Trullinger? According to Gordon in his interview with the New York Times, singer-songwriter Chrissi Poland lent her vibrato to “Planet of the Bass” in order to really sell the song. This is obviously not a dig at the three actresses in question, but Poland’s vocals are what truly tie the song up into a neat little package of Y2K nostalgia tinged with a vaguely European accent. Poland, however, appears in none of the music videos...yet.


The Best: Biljana Electronica

In life as in nursery rhymes, you may come to find that there is truth to “first is the worst”—but this is not the case when it comes to “Planet of the Bass.” Trullinger was our first introduction to Biljana Electronica, the possibly Swedish, Polish, German, or Norwegian pop singer, and her acting simply cannot be topped. In a weird way, Poland’s voice just fits Trullinger the best, with Trullinger’s face acting, commitment to early 2000's fashion, and dancing amidst the stark white backdrop of The World Trade Center really sealing the deal.


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