Playing With This Wooden Puzzle Will Chill You Out Immediately

We've had a super busy, incredibly fun, and totally nutzo week at the Home of the Future: non-stop cool events, spinning chairs, telepresence robots, and lots (and lots) of high-tech Sixpoint HopTech beer.


It's been great! It's also been exhausting. The most relaxed I've felt is sitting down with designer Jonathan Dorthe's Oblika puzzle—spreading the 22 geometric pieces out on the table and finding ways to put them back together offered exactly the kind of low-key mental engagement I needed to chill the heck out.

My creation, before and after.

The shapes are thin, and each is engraved with a unique pattern of lines that—I don't know, something about the whole experience was like taking some kind of hand-eye Valium. Looking for a little blissed-out diversion in your life? The set is $65.


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