PlayStation Emulation Comes to Palm Pre, Runs Faster Than on iPhone

Jailbreaking emulation legend ZodTTD has started the ball rolling on Pre gaming by installing his PlayStation emulator, psx4all, on the smartphone—and while there are kinks to be worked out, he says it runs even faster than on iPhone.


There's no denying the Pre has several huge advantages over the iPhone family when it comes to gaming, especially the hardware keyboard, and it looks like it won't be lacking in the graphical department, either. The emulation is still in the early stages; there's no sound and he hasn't figured out the screen scaling yet, but this little demo of Wipeout XL looks incredibly smooth.

ZodTTD says a fuller, more polished version of psx4all for the Pre should be coming soon, and with any luck, this'll be the first hurdle on the way to a substantial gaming community for the Pre. [ZodTTD via Engadget]

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Not saying using virtual controls are easy, but it's gotta be tough to control games with such tiny keys.

Also, you're stuck using the Pre in portrait since you can't press the keys right in landscape. I liked how gpSPhone on the iPhone could be done sideways and the virtual keys overlapping the game but not interfering with it.