Please Don't Let Sam Worthington Play A Bad-Ass, Australian-Accented Dracula

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God we can see it now: Van Helsing meets Wild Wild West, but with longer hair, vampires and Sam Worthington. Rumor has it the Avatar star is Universal's pick to play Dracula in their period-piece Dracula: Year Zero.

This has "terrible idea" written in blood all over the walls. Universal needs to decide today whether it's interested in moving forward with Alex Proyas' Dracula origins story. And according to Latino Review, the studio wants Sam Worthington in the lead role.


We shudder at the thought of a bad-ass, yet misunderstood, Vlad the Impaler, with sexy riding horse, long leather coat and carefree bad boy attitude. Rules, you know he hates 'em. Young Vlad kills who he wants, when he wants, until he falls in love with a beautiful milk maid from the wrong side of the dirt road tracks. Will love conquer this beast's wild heart and tame their lust into something beautiful? Nope, probably not.

If Proyas is insisting on putting Worthington in this picture, we at least want to see him in the iconic Vlad outfit, wig and mustache in tow. But there's just got to be someone more suited for this role.

UPDATE: Too bad Jeff Goldblum fans, it's confirmed.