Please Make Games That Work With This Incredible iOS Controller

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From the almost-too-good-to-be-true department comes this iOS gamepad that connects through the headphone jack for minimal battery drain. The catch? Games have to be specifically written to use the controller. And, uh, they haven't been yet.

With a total of ten action buttons, a directional pad, and a pair of dual analog sticks, the controller is a far better solution for iOS gaming than finicky on-screen controls. And instead of a battery-draining wireless Bluetooth connection to your phone, the 60beat Gamepad connects to the headphone jack with a four foot cable and splitter that still lets you use a pair of headphones.

Unfortunately, iOS games have to be specifically written to be controlled with the Gamepad, and the current titles that do, including Bugdom 2 and Aftermath, are not exactly a stellar lineup. I'm not sure why its creators didn't design it to connect to the dock port like other arcade joystick solutions do, and if they really expect portable gamers to spend $50 on it, they're going to have to muster up a considerable amount of third-party support. So, third parties? Please support them. [60beat via Ubergizmo]