Please Show Me an Ad at the ATM So I Don't Have to Pay an Extra 2 Bucks

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Things I irrationally hate in this world: keeping plastic wrap on anything, checking in at hotels, that awkward time you wait between finishing a meal and paying for it and ATM fees. Thankfully, people are trying to figure out a way to kill ATM fees... with ATM advertisements. I like it.

I can't stand paying money, no matter how insignificant, to be able to get my money. The ATM charges me 2 bucks, my bank charges me 2 bucks and sure, it's only $4 but it's MY freaking money! I should be able to get it whenever I want. I don't pay my wallet every time I want to open it!


Maybe they won't keep charging us forever though. Free ATMs NYC is an ATM machine in Brooklyn that doesn't charge an ATM fee at all. Instead, the Free ATMs NYC machine earns its keep by showing an advertisement throughout your ATM transaction on its 10-inch video screen. While you're pulling your money, you see an ad. Simple. A transaction with a Free ATMs NYC machine takes roughly the same time as other ATMs that charge money so I don't see any downside for me. Bombard me with ads if that keeps my money in my pocket.

Right now, the Free ATMs NYC machine, which was the brainchild of Clinton Townsend, only exists in that one location in Brooklyn. I'm hoping there'll be more though. [Free ATMs NYC via TIME via Consumerist]