Please Vote for Gizmodo in the 2008 Bloggies

As Brian said yesterday, we've been nominated for the 2008 Bloggies in the categories of Best Tech Blog, Lifetime Achievement and Best Design. Really do feel like we do fantastic work around here, not just in the stuff he pointed out yesterday, but stuff like our Very Very NSFW Porn Convention Adventure and our other NSFW exploits. If you feel like Gizmodo helps you get through the workday any faster or makes your day any more enjoyable, please throw in a vote for us. It'll give us a warm feeling inside, much like the feeling you'd get if you were the kitty in the picture. And even if you don't feel like voting for us, don't forget to vote for Consumerist, Kotaku, Lifehacker and Jezebel, too. [Vote for Gizmodo]


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