I guess you can say it looks like there's another member of the LOOX family of GPS devices on the way. Unlike previous LOOX models, which were full-fledged PDAs with GPS built-in, the N100 is being positioned as a portable music player that also GPS built-in. The N100 plays MP3, WMA and AAC digital audio files; if you listen closely, you can hear the people who encode their music using iTunes singing Fujitsu Siemens' praises. The digital audio files are stored on mini SD cards, where 1-GB is the maximum storage capacity and USB does all the hard work.


The GPS functionality appears to be fairly paint-by-numbers: using the SiRFstar III GPS module, the N100 runs on the much heralded MobileNavigator|6 software from NAVIGON. Maps of select European countries are pre-installed with more available on an included DVD.

The N100 is powered by a Samsung 300-MHz processor and runs on Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Core Version. Also included are the usual car charger and holder and other cables and adapters. Users can also change its faceplate, making your N100 just as unique as you are.

The Pocket LOOX N100 will be available this August for an as of yet unannounced price.

Product Page [Fujitsu Siemens via Tech Digest]


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