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Pogue: AT&T Drops Inane Paging Option From Voicemail Chatter

Illustration for article titled Pogue: ATT Drops Inane Paging Option From Voicemail Chatter

David Pogue says AT&T is officially cutting back the robo-banter you hear when leaving voicemail. It's not fully stripped, but you won't hear the "page this person" nonsense anymore. Nice one, Dave. We support you in your cause. [NYT]


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It's more a matter of an order of importance; the pager and other options may still be useful to some people, but most people these days leave a voicemail and the voicemail option was the last how-to instruction given. This was incredibly annoying and I'm happy to know it's been resolved, at least to some degree. If they haven't then they need to move the voicemail instructional to the beginning.