Pokémon: Twilight Wings' Final Episode Captures the Epic Majesty of Battling

A Gigantamax Charizard attacking a Gigantamax Duraludon.
Gif: The Pokémon Company

The core Pokémon anime series and films have all followed teams of heroes embarking on adventures across the various regions that make up the Pokémon world. But the Pokémon Company’s Twilight Wings miniseries has been a slower, more free-flowing dive into the culture of Galar, where battles between gargantuan kaiju-like Pokémon are a wildly popular spectator sport.


Rather than focusing on a young hero’s journey to become the strongest and most famous trainer in the land, Twilight Wings’ story, which meanders in a rather pleasant way, has been all about seeing what everyday life is like for Galarian people, including their interactions with Pokémon.

Each episode’s found new ways big and small to weave Pokémon into the fabric of this world outside of their abilities to battle. But when the series has featured monster brawls, they’ve been absolutely stunning.

A Dragapult using Dragon Darts against a Flygon, and the Flygon responding with what appears to be Draco Meteor.
Gif: The Pokémon Company

Twilight Wings’ final installment, Wings, brings the series to a close with a celebration of the sheer spectacle of battling. There’s a distinct focus on more outlandish Pokémon attacks, like a Dragapult’s Dragon Darts, a move in which it actually launches a series of its pre-evolved form, Dreepy, as missiles.

As the crowd watches the Galar Champion Leon battle the Hammerlocke City gym leader Raihan, not a single one of them bats an eye when one of the high-flying dragon Pokémon calls down a literal shower of meteors meant to bombard its opponent. At the end of the day, it’s all in good fun, and no matter the outcome, the trainers and their monsters are going to leave the battle pitch as friends who can’t want to do it all again.

All seven episodes of Pokémon: Twilight Wings are now available on the Pokémon Company’s official YouTube channel.


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I grew out of the Pokemon anime well more than 10 years ago by this point. However, I do have to hand it to the Pokemon Company every little while they’ll put out an OVA series that just seems tailor made to the older generation that was left behind by the eternally 10 years old Ash Ketchum. Pokemon: The Origins was pretty great and this looks like its more in line with that. Though if they ever did an anime adaptation of the Pokemon Adventure manga I’d watch that.