Polaroid Now Making Gaming Accessories

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Lady Gaga gave Polaroid a helping hand with designing the latest range of cameras, but will she be lending her name to their gaming accessories? I can just see her modeling a headset in her next video with Beyonce.

Headsets and battery packs for the Xbox 360, a dock for the Nintendo DS, sports packs and sensor bars for the Wii, and and controllers for the PS3 are being worked on by Polaroid, which is very firmly back in the game after various to-ing and fro-ing between the grave and store shelves. I'd love to see some sort of instant camera compatibility with a gaming console—connect a camera to a Wii and get an instant photo of your Mii, maybe?


According to VintageComputing, this isn't the first time Polaroid's entered the gaming market, with a 15-in-1 game controller being spotted by the site in Target way back in 2008. This being before Polaroid filed for bankruptcy and then sprung back to life. Polaroid's gaming accessories will apparently launch in the UK first, as soon as next month. [MCV via Kotaku]

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It would be nice if a quality company took over the third party controller market. Most (affordable) third party gaming accessories are pretty crappy in regards to quality and construction. I think Polaroid is making a well thought out niche-market-maneuver.