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Polaroid's Dua Flash Embraces Videographers and Photographers

Illustration for article titled Polaroids Dua Flash Embraces Videographers and Photographers

Like skiers and snowboarders sharing the same powder, I envision some kind of uneasy truce between those using their DSLRs for still photography, and those using them for videography. I have no basis for the dirty looks and stink eye I imagine them giving each other, but it still warms my heart to see a company like Polaroid trying to bring those two sides together.


Given video recording is a standard feature on every new DSLR these days, their new Dua Flash makes a lot of sense. It's a fully automatic TTL shoe mount flash with bounce, zoom and a swivel head, that adds an extra LED light source on the front so you don't need to keep swapping equipment when you switch from taking photos to shooting video. It doesn't look like it has quite enough oomph to replace the dedicated lighting setups that a lot of professional videographers rely on, but it at least serves as a readily available backup without adding another piece of gear to your kit. And it's currently available in two different models for both Canon and Nikon cameras for $160 to $200. [Steve's Digicams via PetaPixel]

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Oh it comes in both varieties? You can get it if you have either kind of camera, Canon OR Nikon? That's great! Can you take BOTH kinds of pictures with it, Portraits *and* Headshots?

What about Sony, Pentax, or Olympus TTL types? Why not also give it manual mode for these brands?

</pentax owner rant mode>