Police Spend All Day Investigating "Murder Scene" That Was Really a Movie Set

Illustration for article titled Police Spend All Day Investigating "Murder Scene" That Was Really a Movie Set

Washington, PA Police Chief J.R. Blyth described it as "the most grisly murder scene in his 35 years in law enforcement." Blood splattered everywhere, a bit of scalp. It took his team hours to realize it was all fake.


A fire that started in the basement of the George Washington Hotel led to the discovery of the bloody room, where detectives worked eight hours of overtime before realizing that it was actually a movie set. Specifically, the leftover set of Corey Haim's slasher New Terminal Hotel, shot in 2008. The room had been preserved in its gory state, according to hotel owner Kyrk Pyros, in case the production company had wanted to do reshoots.

In the cops' defense, the hotel has been the scene of 12 deaths since 1923, and has a reputation for being haunted. And they had no reason to expect to find gallons of fake blood in a random room. But... still.

Maybe we should all just be glad they didn't walk in on a scene from The Walking Dead. They could have been there for weeks. [Daily Mail]



Kudos to the movie production company for wanting to shoot a horror movie in a place known for deaths and an alleged haunting.

Maybe those cops will next put out a missing persons report on Corey Haim.