Pool Crashing in the UK Becomes Latest Google Earth Prank

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The latest craze for teenagers with no place to go except Facebook is "dipping," or gatecrashing someone else's swimming pool. According to the Daily Mail (commenter djheath's favorite publication, if I recall correctly) putative trespassers select their swimming pool using Google Earth, and then notify their mates using social networking sites. The would-be revellers often turn up in fancy dress, and are advised to bring a bike (for a swift getaway). Owners only discover their pool has been dipped when they find a bunch of beer cans floating on the surface the next morning. [Daily Mail]



@B1663R: Canada an unhealthy mix of the two? You got that right. Only in Canada, the kids are so rough and lawless that they manage to sneak under the radar, giving Canada the appearance of the lowest youth crime rate of the three. Foolish Canadians! Your outwardly-respectful, apparently law-abiding rapscallions are just waiting Logan's-Run-style in the outskirts to cut you. Just be thankful you have good health care.