Today is Facebook IPO day, which means a select group rich people will become richer beyond our ability to comprehend wealth. Outside the NASDAQ money castle, the peasantry has lined up, cameras in hand. Look, son—billionaires!

Inside, while Mark Zuckerberg grinned wider than the first time his face felt the touch of synthetic fleece, and cool NASDAQ songs like U2's "Beautiful Day" roared, a crowed of poor Facebook users collected outside on the dirty and dusty square. Some covered their mouths in amazement, some kissed loved ones—they'd remember this moment, when people who weren't them amassed a fantastic amount of cash in an instant through a financial process that they were completely barred from.


For if there's one single thing we vulgar Americans like more than Facebook itself, it's watching people who aren't us be rich.

This one, saddest man, took his iPad to the skies to get a better look. He's not a billionaire either, nor will he ever be a billionaire.


[Brian Stelter's Instagram]

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