Portable Urine Glucose Meter Hates Needles, Loves Pee

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Most diabetics are tough enough to routinely test their blood without crying about it (the alternative to death is certainly a good one), but Tanita has announced a portable digital urine glucose meter for those with sugar-management diseases like diabetes and metabolic syndrome that needs no blood.


A portable unit of what they've had in hospitals for years, a user simply urinates on the sensor (a la home pregnancy tests) to measure the urine sugar level. Results take roughly six seconds. It's not exactly the same as a blood sugar level, but the measurement should provide correlative evidence as to how much sugar is running rampant in one's blood stream.

The unit will run $154 when it's released. Each sensor cartridge is good for 200 uses and will cost $58 to replace. [TechOn]


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The tag of this post is funny... Why? Because I AM a "Med Tech"... For "Medical Technologist".

@Uncle Jerry: Try to avoid too much protein and stay the hell away from cranberry juice, which acidifies your urine and just concentrates it.

But what the hell do I know?