Best of Gizmodo: The EU's Bad New Copyright Law, Microsoft's ICE Contract, and Comic-Con 2018

The bad news: The European Union is moving forward with its potentially disastrous new Copyright Directive, a law that could have potentially sweeping repercussions for how open the internet remains—and yes, that means the continentals might be coming for your memes. The good news: There’s still time to kill it.

An Experimental Drug for Obesity Shows Promise in Treating Alzheimer's—At Least in Mice 

The race to find a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia is littered with false starts, dead ends, and fiery crashes. That caveat aside, there has been some promising research indicating a class of drugs originally created to control diabetes and fight obesity could also help slow down the…

Nobody Needs This Silicon Valley-Made Blood Sugar Tracker for 'Wellness' and Lifestyle

Since launching in 2011, Silicon Valley healthcare startup Sano Intelligence has kept a low profile. Despite raising $20 million in venture capital, the company founded by ex-Bain Capital analyst and bioengineering grad Ashwin Pushpala has yet to release its product—a continuous glucose tracker that sticks to a users’…