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Possible Smart Faceplates For Gameboy Micro?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Josh Tokash, a sharp-eyed owner of a new Gameboy Micro noted that there was a mysterious jack underneath the Gameboy Micro faceplate when he opened his new purchase up. Tokash says the the "jack is accessible to the faceplate (under the faceplate, above the a button) that says V-5" on the circuit board. He makes a reasonable assumption that the jack could possibly be used for some kind of Smart Faceplate that'll be powered by the Micro's battery. He also has a request up on the Makezine blog asking if anyone wants to look into hacking the Micro and building a faceplate with LEDs embedded in it. Thing is, it seems that the jack doesn't have any power going through it, so the Smart Faceplate idea seems unlikely. But then... what the heck is the jack for? Maybe it's for a future iteration of the Micro that will have special interchangable Smart Faceplates? It's rather unclear at this point, but we're definitely hoping for some of that LED faceplate action — hey, the more blinged-out gadgetry, the better.

Gameboy Micro Faceplates that light up!!! [Josh Tokash's Weblog via MAKE:Blog]