Post Office Might Deliver Mail (and Gadgets and Netflix) One Less Day a Week

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Huge deficits at the USPS might mean one fewer day of mail delivery a week, says the postmaster general. In other words, another day a week you wouldn't receive gadgets or Netflix.

The postmaster general is asking Congress to remove the requirement for the post office to deliver mail six days a week, since the USPS lost $2.8 billion last year and could lose as much as $6 billion this year, since people are mailing less crap and it costs more to deliver it. So, the postmaster general says, "It is possible that the cost of six-day delivery may simply prove to be unaffordable." Worst-case scenario surprisingly isn't cutting Saturday delivery, which I've always kind of looked at as a bonus, but actually Tuesdays, which is a pretty light day.

Who do you trust to deliver your gadgets? Personally, I prefer Fedex, but I use USPS a lot when I buy from Amazon because I'm cheap and pick free Super Saver shipping, which isn't bad. For some reason, Newegg's new Egg Saver shipping, which also uses the USPS, is pretty terrible. If there was one less day a week, would you actually change your behavior though? Like stream more movies from Netflix, switch your Gamefly subscription or use more Fedex?


I guess you could always use the pony express: [AP, Image: aubergene/Flickr]

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They could save a lot of work by not delivering a whole bunch of junk mail. I laugh a little inside when I get junk mail for deals on vinyl siding... I live in a condo.