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This week at Lifehacker: That sound your computer's fan is making? It roughly translates to "Help! I'm being strangled by cat hair!" Get under your PC's hood and evacuate the dust bunnies partying on your video card.


Speaking of video, YouTube junkies can use a little Javascript voodoo and some free software encoding to save YouTube videos to your iPod or PSP.

So you're freaked out enough about co-workers getting into your bank account that you type in every password on the web every time, eh? Here's how to secure saved Firefox passwords - especially handy for the copy of portable Firefox you're toting around on that thumb drive. Be extra paranoid and encrypt all your thumb drive's data on the fly.


Remember when you were 15 and you bought that guitar because you wanted to be just like Van Halen? Well, Mom's still got that 6-stringer in the basement and a few free guitar tutorial vodcasts for your iPod can get you started down that road to rockstardom. Finally, iPod-lovin' runners, leave that stopwatch at home and get hoofin'. This useful Windows script generates interval running playlists set to start and end songs just when you're scheduled to switch gears.


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