For some really weird reason, I've been invited to half a dozen press meetings scheduled to occur next Monday. Which is insane. You guys know what Monday is for geeks and tech writers, right?

Next Monday is Apple's WWDC keynote. We never miss it, and nearly no tech journalists in town miss it. And judging by reader feedback, you generally care about something like an Apple Keynote more than the entirety of CES. (And our server logs back that up.)

That makes me kind of sad, because I really would have liked to meet with a lot of those companies, who would undoubtedly be showing off cool things. It gets my pasty blogger ass out of the house, too. And allows me to practice those interpersonal skills that are fading oh so fast as I work at Gizmodo. So I have a plea: Next time you come to town, maybe it's best not to hold the press meetings the same time as one of the two or three biggest days of the year for SF tech writers.